Decades of Memories!

by Barb H.,
As a teenager, my family lived not far from the current park boundaries and I remember my parents, aunts and uncles talking about the county acquiring the land for a park. Meanwhile, we continued to "enjoy" the land for snowmobiling, fast car trips down the gravel road - which is now part of the paved trial- and other "extra curricular" activities. My husband and I - then recently engaged- lived for a time in a little cabin on Spring Lake that we still call the "chipmunk house" due to the regular visitors. My enjoyment of this land has significantly increased with the addition of the trails that now loop thru much of the park. An autumn color walk is always spectacular! I also enjoy identifying the variety of birds found in and near the park -including several sightings of owls, listening to the "cry of the wild" made by the sandhill cranes and of course checking for eaglet's in their nest! I gave back to the land by helping with buckthorn removal and tree plantings. I am looking forward to development of the lakefront so I can add even more great memories of Spring Lake Park in Scott County, Minnesota!
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