What is a system plan?

    A system plan essentially documents where you are, defines where you want to go and includes steps as to how to get there.  It is a tool to ensure that there is a diversity of opportunities for users and that each park or trail serves a unique role within the system minimizing the risk that all parks or trails will be cookie cutter and offer the same package of amenities.   

    It also an opportunity to do a deep dive into big, burning questions – like how do to plan and prepare for population growth and continued land development.  It explores what is changing in the world and how it relates to parks/trail/nature-based education and recreation offerings. 

    When complete, the system plan will determine the general size, location and composition of parks, trails and facilities, solidify the role and focus of programming, define our core competencies and more.  It will likely be used to help set direction and priorities and may be used as the foundation for organizational structure, policy, budgets, operation and more.

    How is a system plan different than a master plan?

    A master plan lays out a specific and detailed natural and cultural resource, development and operation plan for one park or trail unit where as a system plan is broader and addresses the general vision and goals for the entire park and trail system.  A system plan indicates where a park is desired, and a master plan gets as specific as to where bathrooms are desired.

    How can I provide input?

    The easiest way to provide input is through this site. 

    You can also share your thoughts and ideas through:

    ·  Email: 3Rivers2040@threeriversparks.org

    ·  Mail/Phone/Fax: Kelly Grissman, Director of Planning

    3000 Xenium Lane North

    Plymouth, MN 55422

    763-694-7635 (direct)

      763-559-3287 (fax)

    How will my input be considered?

    All input will be assembled into one document and categorized, evaluated for feasibility and then prioritized based on how well it will help achieve the vision and goals.

    When will the final plan be finalized?

    The plan is anticipated to be available for public comment early in 2019 with final adoption in late spring 2019.