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An active lifestyle

by BethIna, 04 Sep 2018

I run, hike, cycle, or snowshoe through Richardson Nature Center and Hyland Park trails several times every week. I am tickled by all of the animals I see and awed by the beauty of the changing landscape. This park system is a very precious and special gift, for which I am very grateful.

I am also a volunteer at the two sites. I am thrilled that they provide high-quality, engaging classes for children, and support community events (especially athletic opportunities such as the Ski Rennet). 

Retirees (and other adults) will find Three Rivers to be a welcoming and supportive source of enriching volunteer opportunities. 

Finally, our middle school and high school cross country running and ski teams are fortunate to have these “outdoor gyms” at their fingertips.

I love our parks!

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