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Have a question that may have been asked by others? Find your answers to frequently asked Crow-Hassan master plan questions below.

What is a park master plan? A park master plan is a long-term guide for natural resource management, future development and programming at a park. Elements of the master plan include boundaries and acquisition costs (when applicable), stewardship plan, demand forecast, development concept, conflicts, operations, public services, engagement and awareness, accessibility and natural resources management. A typical master plan has a shelf-life of 10 to 20 years. The plan is conceptual in nature and not intended to address detailed issues related to engineered site design. Crow-Hassan’s first master plan was completed in 1972 and most recently updated in 1997.

How are my comments used to influence the master plan? Public engagement and participation are necessary to ensure the master plan is authentic and respectful to the recreational and natural resources needs of the park and the community. All public feedback received during the master plan process is summarized and documented. A survey with over 1,100 responses was conducted in Fall of 2018 to assist planners with the draft master plan document. Feedback, was and will continue to be, measured by its ability to meet the Crow-Hassan Park Reserve master plan goals, which include: 1) preserving the unique natural resources, 2) celebrating the Crow River, and 3) introducing people to nature and outdoor recreation. A summary of public feedback will be published, with responses provided where applicable.

Why is the Crow River Regional Trail included in the Crow-Hassan Master Plan? The master plan and route for the 32-mile Crow River Regional Trail (CRRT) was approved by the Park District and Met Council in 2017 after public engagement and review. The CRRT Master Plan established a paved regional trail presence within Crow-Hassan Park Reserve. The draft 2019 Crow-Hassan Master Plan reflects the Park District’s intent of providing a regional trail that is respectful of the park reserve’s natural resources and user groups. The paved trail will have at least a 50-foot buffer where the CRRT comes into proximity of an unpaved trail. If there are critical/sensitive natural resource areas, this may be reduced to 20 feet for short segments. The CRRT is the only park trail to be paved. No existing trails will be utilized to accommodate the CRRT.

What about equestrian parking? How will it change with the new master plan concept? The Park District has proposed separate equestrian and general use parking areas. The current shared-use parking lot accommodates 12 equestrian trailer spots. The proposed new equestrian parking lot will accommodate 18 equestrian trailer spots, four equestrian overnight camping stalls and an equestrian gathering area to socialize including seating and highlines. Overflow equestrian parking will continue to be allowed along the main entrance road shoulder.

Are any equestrian trails being eliminated? No. In fact, a 1.25-mile unpaved hiking and horse loop is being added to the southern portion of the park reserve, a separate equestrian parking lot is being proposed and additional individual horse camping options are being added.

How is the park going to accommodate families with small children and those with mobility limitations? Public feedback indicated the need to provide a way for families and those with mobility limitations to experience the park’s unique natural resources. The master plan proposes three miles of fully ADA accessible trails (unpaved), expanded camping options, improved trail directional and educational signage, smaller trail loops and improved accessibility. Additional education programming was also important to responders; therefore the plan proposes to expand self-guided and instructor-led educational programming offerings.

How do I provide comments? You can submit comments via one of the following methods:



Mail: Three Rivers Park District, Crow-Hassan Park Reserve Master Plan, 3000 Xenium Lane North, Plymouth, MN 55441
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